After creating my blog, things began to happen in my life that forced me to putting my writing off. This usually always happens to me. I always get my heart so excited and passionate for something, then, life happens. I usually forget about going back to whatever it is that made me happy for a … Continue reading Update.



Este post es una expresión de las emociones por las cuales estoy pasando. Mi intención no es que me tengas lastima ni que me entiendas. Escribo esto solamente para expresar por lo que estoy pasando en este preciso momento. Mamá Todavía estas aquí, pero en realidad se que no lo estas. Yo se que nunca … Continue reading Amá

Dear Mom,

This post is an emotional expression of what I am going through right now. This is not intended to make you feel sorry for me or to understand me. It is simply written to voice what I am feeling in this moment in time. Dear Mom, You’re still here, but I know you really aren’t. I … Continue reading Dear Mom,