After creating my blog, things began to happen in my life that forced me to putting my writing off. This usually always happens to me. I always get my heart so excited and passionate for something, then, life happens. I usually forget about going back to whatever it is that made me happy for a moment, but I refuse to live my life the same. I don’t want continue to start things and give up. I want to fight.

This past month has beenunnamed pretty insane though. From society to my own personal life, I feel like all of this has drove me into a oblivion of finding myself and wanting to be happy..

I have taken on so many things in life and so many responsibilities that I have found myself drowning in a
sea of melancholy. But, I want to push back and make my stand. I am not fighting the world as a whole, but I am fighting my world and my adversities. I am hoping to use this time to create a time for myself every week, a time where I get to self-reflect and write about my emotions and struggles.

So I am here to inform you all that I have not given up and nor should you. Our life began and ends with Christ. We need to use that motivation to overcome any and everything that is happening right now, no matter how hard it is to see the joy.

Looking forward to my next post and keeping up with the promises I have made to myself.

 With love.♥


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