Purpose Fuels Passion

Having purpose doesn’t mean you have everything figured out in life and everything is wonderful. No, it means you are fighting. You are fighting for what you want in life. You are fighting for what you deserve. It means:

You are fighting this life long battle and never giving up on the things that give you joy.

As humans, we thrive off of the connection of feeling important. We seek fulfillment in the things we do. The thing is, when we don’t see the appreciation we think we deserve, we give up. We disconnect. We abandon these ideas and thoughts because we think they don’t matter to anyone, even if they matter to ourselves. We want to see change happen. We want to see outcomes, but the fact of the matter is we may never see those outcomes or changes in our lifetime or ever.

We base our lives on what we believe matters right now. We choose our actions based on whether or not it will benefit us. Do you think that Emily Dickinson would have become one of the most highly-regarded American poets had she not taken a pen and written her own poems and created her own books? No. She wrote her life away and didn’t share these poems with anyone. And do you know when they were published and became the famous success they are now? AFTER SHE WAS DEAD!

So what’s my point?  My point is that we shouldn’t care about what other people think. We shouldn’t care about whether or not we are making a difference in the moment we live in.

We should worry about what makes us happy.

For case in point, I have always dreamed about creating my own blog and website since I was 13 years old. I have had endless amounts of journals that were filled with thoughts and emotions that ended up being wasted because I never did anything with them. I have endless, unfinished, fictiofog-1208283_1920n novel ideas that were never put to good use. Why? I was so consumed with what people might say about me, so consumed with the idea that these people were going to laugh at me, take screenshots and make fun of me in their group chats. So I never took
the chances that my heart desired. My fear consumed me.

I’ve always had an idea about what my
, so called, purpose was. I was like 9 or 10 telling people I wanted to be a psychiatrist. Looking back now, I am sure I didn’t even know what a psychiatrist was. Yet, as I grew up, I loved reaching out to people. I loved becoming friends with people, listening to their thoughts, their problems. I was an observer. I would people-watch constantly, even with my closest friends. I wanted to understand what they were thinking, why they made those decisions, and so forth. I knew that my purpose was to help people.

Have I figured out what exactly I want to do with my life? Nope. I have no clue. I’m constantly going back and forth between ideas. But, even with me not having my life plan figured out yet, I know what my heart’s desires are what will help determine my joy in life.. And with that, I can continue to live my life and understand that I may not ever get to make a difference in the world or society. My serenity comes from the fact that I got out there, I presented my support, I reached out, and I spoke up. These are the things that I can live happily with because I tried. I didn’t let fear keep me trapped.

I broke free and got out there.

And with this, I encourage you to break free of those same feelings and struggles. Whether you want to become a musician, an actress, a doctor, or whatever. You can overcome and achieve these dreams. They are not crazy ideas. They don’t even have to be logical. We can still live a “normal” life based on the standards of the society we live in while still chasing our dreams and discovering our happiness.




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